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Hebrew Calendar

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According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew Calendar is a divine instrument which provides you with an accurate pulse of the rhythm of the universe. With this instrument, one develops “a sense of the passage of Time” .by tracking the regular rotation of the Sun, the position of the Constellations and the phases of the Moon. This Calendar is a Solar-Lunar Calendar. In this type of tracking system, historical feast days which are considered times of “peak energy” in the Hebrew Calendar are kept in their proper season year after year.

Day: In the Cosmic Code Book, the Torah, it was revealed that there was ‘evening” and there was morning “one day” [Genesis]. The concept of a day therefore is a very ancient one. The divine pattern is always one from darkness to light. The journey in Kabbalah is from the darkness of physical life to lightness of spiritual life. In this vein, your spiritual quest will take you from the darkness within you to the brilliance of the supreme Light {G-d}.

1st century BCE Synagogue floor calendar found in Beit Alpha Synagogue

Month: The Divine commanded in the Torah that the spring month of Nissan {March/April} is the starting point for the year. “This month shall be head of months for you.” [Exodus]. From that day forth, this command was fulfilled to the letter as evident in the Hebrew Calendar.

Power Shield {Mazal}: Throughout the course of a full year, you will explore the concept of the 12 Power Shields {Mazalot-Zodiac Signs}. The term Power Shield is a contemporary word for Zodiac Sign {Mazal}. A Power Shield is associated with a “new frame of energy” for each month. The energies of the Power Shields have a direct impact on your life. On your voyage of discovery, you will learn what these energies are and how to access the energy within the Power Shields to affect positive changes in your life.

Activation Code: In Kabbalah, the Hebrew Calendar also has 12 Activation Codes embedded in it. An Activation Code is based on the Indescribable Name of the Light {G-d}. The name in each Activation Code is based on this Name; however, it is written in a specific sequence for each month. The Activation Code is a powerful force of energy which supports you in all your efforts during the month.

Join us on this mystical journey. Kabbalah-Horoscope will heighten your awareness of the mystical teachings, spiritual secrets, and divine codes that are integral part of the structure of this calendar. Knowledge of Kabbalah gives you the power to control the intensity of events in your life.

The Hebrew Calendar

In Order

Month Name


1 st



2 nd



3 rd



4 th



5 th



6 th



7 th



8 th


29 or 30

9 th


29 or 30

10 th



11 th



12 th

AdarII (leap years only)


Adar (called AdarII in leap years) (Months 12 and 13 in leap years are 29 days